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塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 风采 创领时代

塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 创立于2002年,秉承科技创新的精工理念,致力于推动世界建陶产业的发展,打造具有国际影响力的科技建陶品牌,以实现人类家居装饰梦想。

作为一家中外合资、专业从事新型环保建筑陶瓷研发、设计和生产的国家高新技术企业,塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 公司拥有世界先进水平的生产设备,实行国际先进的管理模式,在行业内率先全面通过了ISO9001国际质量管理体系认证、ISO14001国际环境管理体系认证、OHSMS18001职业健康安全管理体系认证、欧盟CE认证、中国首批优质陶瓷产品认证和中国环境标志产品认证等,成为行业科技型建陶企业。

塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 公司以科技创新和产品创新享誉业界,致力于高新技术产品的研发。塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 已荣获多项国家专利,积累了雄厚的自主知识产权,并先后承担了国家火炬计划、国家重点新产品、国家科技创新基金、广东省重点新产品、广东省高新技术产品等多项国家级、省部级科研项目。塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 自主研发生产的"精工玉石"产品,首创了微晶玻璃陶瓷复合板材生产技术,填补了陶瓷产业空白,开创了一类全新的绿色环保陶瓷产品,实现了中国建筑陶瓷从"中国制造"到"中国创造"的历史性跨越,全面推动了世界建陶技术的发展和成熟。

Guangdong BODE Fine Building Material Co., Ltd., was founded in 2002, is the national high-tech enterprise and the important base for designing, researching and manufacturing the new and eco-friendly tiles in construction ceramics industry in China.

The company adopts advanced production line and implements advanced operation management mode, with the ISO9001 international quality management system authentication, ISO14001 international environment management system authentication, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Specification OHSMS18001 and CE Certificate from EU. The company owns powerful R&D strength and boasts Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Guangdong Engineering Technology R&D Center at the same time, ranking the top ones in this industry in the aspects of R&D and production level.

BODE enjoys a good reputation in this industry for its innovation on technology and products, working on national scientific R&D projects like National Torch Plan, National Science & Technology Innovation Fund and National Key & New Products, etc. The patented "Fine Jade Stone" product (micro-crystal ceramics compound board) invented by the company is appraised as "technological reform of the world of ceramics" and becomes the new environmental product in the development of the construction ceramics industry in the world. Fine Jade Stone product is awards many national invention patents, opening the new page for global ceramics industry and achieving the span from "Made in China" to "Created in China".

塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 公司的产品体系丰富,产品涵盖了精工玉石、精工珍石、生态石、精工原石、塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 木纹砖、塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 仿古砖、塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 精工砖、塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 内墙砖、人造大理石以及石英石十大品类,数百个系列、上千个花色品种,在行业中独树一帜,深受广大消费者喜爱。同时,塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 产品还被广泛应用于国内外各种知名建筑工程,成为众多知名房地产企业的长期合作伙伴和优秀供应商。

塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 公司建立了完善的市场体系,以创新的产品和专业的服务,构筑了强大的销售网络。在国内,塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 品牌旗舰店和专卖店遍布全国各地;在国外,塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 的国际代理商分布于世界五大洲数十个国家和地区,塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 已经在世界数十个国家和地区进行了国际商标注册,成为一个具有国际影响力的中国建陶品牌。

塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 公司一直致力于"以科技创造完美的国际品牌",曾先后荣获了中国陶瓷行业名牌、中国建筑卫生陶瓷行业知名品牌、影响中国建筑卫生陶瓷30年30品牌、全国第一批"中国陶瓷企业信用AAA级企业"和"国际质量信用AAAAA级企业"等荣誉称号。塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 已连续多年荣登"中国500最具价值品牌"排行榜,品牌价值高达208.36亿元,并荣登"亚洲品牌500强"排行榜,开启了塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 战略发展的新篇章。

塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 公司拥有位于佛山三水占地1400余亩的生产基地和位于广东阳西占地约5000亩的生产基地,构筑了广东省省级企业技术中心和广东省工程技术研究开发中心。塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 两大生产基地超大的生产规模、现代化的工业装备、领航行业的创新水平、相关多元化的产业布局,勾划了塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 "百亿蓝图"的辉煌远景。

博泽天下,德益四方,精湛技艺,工于品质。塞尔维亚VS瑞士波胆赔率 引领建陶行业步入价值取向和品质标杆时代,推动世界建陶行业的全面发展和进步。

BODE has always been dedicated to building famous brand with Technology in the world. At present, BODE owns the brands of BODE Fine ceramics tile, BODE Fine Jade Stone, 15 of rustic tile. The products build the comprehensive product system which ranks among the best in this industry with 4 types like Fine Jade Stone, Fine ceramic wall tile, glazed porcelain and rustic tile in dozens of series and hundreds of varieties. BODEs products own the characteristic advantage of high-grade luxury,good quality, complete ranges, establishing the strong position and becoming the quintessence of high-end products in the industry.

Domestic market and oversea market of BODE develop rapidly and steadily. The company has established headquarter exhibition center —— BODE new world with the total area of 16,000 m2 in Guangdong Foshan, which is praised as the milestone of construction ceramics exhibition and marketing mode. Also BODE owns 2 massive production plants, 4.27 million square meters in total size with 24 modern production line. In domestic market, BODE has established hundreds of big brand flagship stores and brand franchised stores, formed perfect domestic marketing network. In global market, BODE has registered the trademark in over 30 countries and districts, passed the international authentication suck as CE, and established dealers in five continents and agencies in US, Japan and Hong Kong, etc, with its products being sold to over 10 countries and regions including Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

BODE achieved much in the brand development. It has won honors like National Ceramics Industry Brand, Famous Brand in Chinas Construction Sanitary Ceramics Industry, National Inspection Exempted Product, Guangdong Provincial Famous Product, Guangdong Provincial Famous Trademark, Satisfactory Product in Guangdong, Top 30 Brands Influencing Chinas Construction Sanitary Ceramics for 30 Years, National first batch of International quality credit AAAAA level and National Ceramics Enterprise Credit AAA level, etc. The company has also been appraised as Nongovernmental Technological Enterprises in Guangdong, Guangdong Clean Production Enterprise, Enterprise Contributing to Development of Construction Decoration Industry during 30 Years Reform and Open to the World and Top 30 Enterprises in Construction Materials Industry in Guangdong successively. BODE brand is one of the Most Valuable Brands in china, which reach 20.83 billion in 2018.

BODE commits itself to produce high quality products by fine technology and serve the people all over the world by its sense of social responsibility. Guangdong BODE Fine Building Material CO., LTD is dedicated to become one of the top construction ceramics manufacturers in the world, creating construction decoration elements with best performance price ratio for the society.